George Fisher



My brief was to design a print studio for three printmakers (including all necessary storage) and a cafe accommodating 15 people. It was to be built off grid and have a lifespan of 15 years.
Within Padley gorge ( South East of Sheffield) we were given the freedom to find an appropriate location. I decided to locate my self up the
gorge, away from the noisy rapids but still next to the footpath.
It was important that my design settled into its surroundings and that there were connections between the café and Printmakers studio with very subtle spatial  hierarchies.






The brief was to design a theatre that is able to accommodate 120 people. I believed that my design should be more than just a theatre, giving back much needed social space that Darnall is distinctly lacking. By pushing the plan of my theatre as far back into the site as possible, it allowed space to be claimed by the people of Heeley. The inclusion of a fast food outlet, rented on a monthly basis by the people of Darnall, enables the space outside the theatre to be a place to eat, socialize, sit or pass through on the way to the theatre.




Our sites were allocated within Heeley. The brief was to design a housing project to accommodate a mixture of families and smaller domestic groups. The majority of dwellings needed to be directly accessible at ground level and we are encouraged to provide an adaptable space for work, study or recreation for each dwelling. An approach towards shared space offered by the collective nature of the project was also encouraged.

Due to increased healthcare and longer life expectancy we are experiencing more healthy active years post 65. This period of life can be referred to as the ‘Active third age’, a new demographic of the elderly population who are more engaged in cultural and leisure pursuits. The active third age are increasingly involved in cultural and leisurely pursuits, becoming more travel inclined and no longer requiring a fixed residence. My housing project attempts to accommodate both families and the active third age, re-inventing the idea of intergenerational living.