George Allen


Bee Keepers Club House

The scheme for a bee keepers club house is located in Sheffield General Cemetery, 10 minutes walk from the city centre. The three part design aims to complement the heavily wooded context, and increase the dramatic site conditions. The three willow clad cabins appear to cling perilously to the 19thC. catacomb wall, while creating a visual and physical link with the bee hives located in the canopy on the other side of the clearing. Using light weight construction, reclaimed steel and timber, the scheme will have little lasting impact on its surroundings, and makes no attempt to challenge the permanence of the site.

Hillsborough Theatre

Located 100m away from Hillsborough High Street, the theatre is sensitive to its residential neighbourhood, whilst simultaneously standing out as something special. Intended as a comedy club and multi purpose performance space, the scheme will provide a hub for the local community. Using the stack effect for natural ventilation, reclaimed steel and timber construction, and exposed brickwork to provide thermal mass, the building maximises passive potential to reduce its environmental impact.

 Housing: Woodside