Gabrielle Taylor

P1 Cycle Hub

In partnership with Yilin Zheng

For our P1 project we were tasked with creating a Cycle Hub in Sheffield. Located in the park hill area, our project catered towards ‘Free-riding’, a growing sport diverging from mountain biking centred around taking bicycles off-road. To respond to both our Landscape and personal brief, we designed a workshop and community cafe building set into the landscape- doubling up as a park for free-riders.

P2 Living Library

I was tasked with creating a Library space in the Northern Quarter of Manchester for P2. When exploring Manchester during our site visit, I concluded that one thing lacking in the city was wildlife. Therefore I decided to centre my scheme around local wildlife and flora.

P3 Community Housing

For P3 we were given the challenge of creating community housing in Burngreave, Sheffield. I chose to centre my scheme around co-housing, with particular focus on inter generational living.