Gabriele Pauryte

P1 ‘threshold’: kayak center in Owlerton, Sheffield

P1.3 ‘threshold’: ‘kayak community center’.  Owlerton site in Sheffield used to be one of the most industrial areas in the city. All the factories had been demolished but the footprints of the industries stayed as a silent reminder of the past. Kayak center design was meant to illustrate the past of the area in using steel frames which merges into the existing surroundings and progressively disappears into the river. The use of translucent polycarbonate allows the building to merge into the context and creates a sanctuary shadowy atmosphere when inside as the trees are allowed presence.

P1.2 ‘territory’  First design aspirations arose from this analytical figure ground drawing while combining technical data with personal interpretation of the site.

P1.1 ‘measure’ was about accurately doing physical research and drawing things in their real scale. Important element was to contextualize drawings with human figures. 



P2 ‘perform’: neighborhood theatre in Darnall, Sheffield

P2.1 ‘perform’. The main aim for this project was to include a community theatre in a run down area of Darnall, Sheffield while strengthening the sense of community and bringing people from the rest of Sheffield to visit Darnall. 

The long stage – the key element of the building. For such diverse community in Darnall I tried to design a theatre which would not require chandeliers and golden handles, but a theatre which would be something familiar to every member of community and become an every day place to grab a drink or see a performance. The long stage was decided to design as after long analysis of alternative ways to design performance spaces, this type of stage seemed to be most relevant in order to achieve a high level of intimacy between spectators and performer. The use of corten steel, bricks and glass brought a great level of textures. Glass made the facade more subtle allowing different views of the street into the building and allowing people from the outside to glance into the bar area.

P2.0 ‘site analysis’ task was to analyze Darnall site in a personal manner. For this project I decided to analyze materials and textures in the site, which revealed the real age and complexity of the site.