Frank Kalume

Year 2 Portfolio



My second year at Sheffield University School of Architecture has been a year of broadening my knowledge from the first year while trying different ways and skills of pushing my design ideas. The three projects had different site challenges that taught me how to make design decisions and allowed me to take risks when designing at larger scale. My design process involves model making, sketches and expanding ways in using wire as a designing tool. 


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P1 Threshold

Joint project with Gulim Satekova

Our task was to design a small building that is both pit stop and hub of a strategy for promoting cycling in Sheffield. The site is located upper the river don, Sheffield.

Territory Measure Brief Movement-and-activities Design-process Model-design-process Ground-floor First-floor Section-aa Section-bb-1 Section-bb-2 Site-analysis PRECEDENTS Photos-final Exterior-viewsinteraction

P2 Theater

Cabaret theater is known to have a movement that is subversive in terms of liberating social right and its culture is transgressing boundaries and changing behaviors. The Cabaret Theater is designed to continue the Manchester night live culture.

visial-brief site-analysis Design-process-plans model-process facade-development design-explaination-axo precedent-2 basement-A3 Ground-floor-A3 1st-floor-A3 2nd-floor-A3 3rd-floor-A3 Interior-view-cabaret-day  Interior-view-cabaret-night Model-pics-external

P3 Social Housing

Housing for refugees and the elderly

The site is located in Burngreave Street Sheffield. The housing scheme is designed to ease refugees integration into a new society. It’s designed to help them adapt to a new environment and lifestyle while providing spaces that encourages interaction with the community to help them feel welcomed and at home.

16 design-process-2 15 precedent-study 14 construction-site-strategy-site-pic 13 -design-influence 12 massing-model-design-process-2 11 Site-strategy-process 10 Site-strategy-axo-housing-size 9 gf 8.5 3rd-4th-f 8 1st-f-2nd-f 6 Axo 5 Sectional-perspective 4 Internal-view-1 2 External-view-1 1 P3-housing-final-render-2