Sectional Perspective

Francesca Jebb

P1 Walkers Refuge – Castleton, Peak District (Francesca Frangiamore + Francesca Jebb)

Our brief was to design a walkers refuge, self-sufficient and temporary, based just north of Castleton, in the Peak District. Our site was relatively flat, with a steep incline to the North leading up to a ridge of hills. Our building’s form was influenced by the human form with a single spine of circulation in the centre of the building, with spaces radiating off. The structure of our building would allow a permanent concrete rest/reflection point to be left in place once the temporary structure is disassembled.


P2 Hulme Drag Theatre – Ancoats, Manchester

My personal brief was to design a theatre to host drag performance while also serving as a base for the Manchester-based AIDs/HIV charity, the George House Trust. The site was in the Ancoats Quarter in Manchester, an area currently undergoing urban regeneration. My design aims to address inclusivity, visibility, public/private, accessibility and challenging perceptions. A fully accessible backstage/performance space allows for wheelchair bound performers and audience members to participate. The informal cafe space on the ground floor works as a base for the George House Trust charity to host small therapy sessions, group meetings and informal discussions in an accessible centrally-located space.

P3 Housing Scheme – Burngreave, Sheffield

My personal brief was to design a housing scheme to house young people and adults with learning disabilities, as well as families taking part in the government led ‘Shared Lives’ housing scheme. Designing for learning disabilities entailed consideration of the level of independence within the accomodation provided – fully supported, transitional or fully independent. I decided to include elements of all 3 types within my scheme. A house/studio composite unit provided supported living through the family house model and fully independent through the studio model, but the close proximity allowed for a continued sense of community. I chose to include a block of 3 bedroom apartments to allow for transitional, peer supported living within my scheme, with studio type rooms sharing a kitchen space. The site is between 2 smaller roads, one being a dead-end, but a key pedestrian route into the amenities of Burngreave. There is a steep slope to the site, creating challenges in terms of access to my buildings. The form of my house/studio unit addresses this at the steepest points of the site. The launderette and hairdressers on the site aim to provide spaces for the occupants to learn key skills, gain responsibility and earn a wage possibly for the first time in their lives.