Florin Ramon Roman

P1. Cavers’ Shelter


Ramon F. Roman/ Keren Obiuzu/ Hao Nan Zuo

This project is about providing cavers a space to escape from the enclosed underground space and exploring the relationship between a small shelter and the landscape. Placing the piece of architecture and framing the best views was the main approach to achieve the striking contrast between open and enclosed spaces, providing cavers the best possible refreshing experiences.


P2. Shadow theatre

“The theatre WAS once the heart of every community.” is the main driver for the selected theatre typology. Shadowplay is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment, being popular in various cultures around the world. It is supposed to create a bond between the diverse demography of Manchester and bring people from different backgrounds together.

Traveling in Manchester is like a storytelling and the story continues inside the theatre.

You enter the theatre as an actor and become the spectator.



P3. The Mobius housing project – Attempt for the future of housing

The world is in the grip of a “livestock revolution” with global consumption rising fast, particularly in the developing world, where diets have traditionally been vegetarian. By 2030 the UN predicts two-thirds of worldwide meat and milk supplies will be consumed by developing nations and by 2050, global meat consumption will have doubled. The urbanization and the expansion of population create drastic problems for housing, food, energy resources and pollution. The aim of this project is to solve part of these problems through a new typology of housing, one where self-sufficiency and healthy living are the core ideas.