Florence Grace Drennan

For P1, the brief was to design a hatchery, which would house approximately 40 chickens and would act as a learning centre for the public to gain insight into how a hatchery works. Chickens need different spaces dependent on their age, and with this, my aim was to create a building, which would provide a sequence of rooms, which would be specific for different parts of a chicken’s life cycle; as they grow they move from space to space, with each room being regulated at different temperatures more appropriate to their ages. Once they get older they can then move outside into a central courtyard enclosed by the river. As well as the creation of a hatchery building tailored for chickens, the public’s interaction with the space was incredibly important. I wanted the building to frame a set of views, which would create a level of escapism. Studies have shown chickens can act as therapy animals, and I wanted the building as well as the chickens within, to provide a level of tranquillity, acting as an escape from urban life. By framing views across the river I aimed to create a peaceful environment which people will enjoy visiting.

The P2 brief was to design a library located in central Darnall, on the outskirts of Sheffield. The area was very deprived, so I chose to create a library holding fictional books, with the aim to provide some escapism for the local residents. I wanted to create a mysterious internal atmosphere, so I designed a central ‘courtyard’ within my building, with glass ‘walls’ extending up through the middle encasing three silver birch trees, giving the impression they are growing up ‘through’ the floors. The ideas from Narnia were a great source of inspiration, in which a wardrobe contains an unexpected place of escapism; Along the street front, I wanted a brick façade blending in with the surrounding context, and upon entry the visitors shall be greeted with a contrasting glass surrounded courtyard, containing the trees which add a decorative and unusual focal point. Not only will the trees provide an interior view, the glass enclosure will also act as a subtle light well, which should cast shadows of leaves and branches into the library to create patterns similarly found upon a forest floor.

The P3 brief was to create a housing scheme in Heeley, and I decided to respond with aims to create an intergenerational community. My aim was to introduce two building types with one providing a simple family home, and one providing spaces with flexible walls allowing for adaption, which means people of all ages at different stages of life, can occupy it. I also wanted there to be a level of self sufficiency by introducing an allotment running through the centre of the site, which not only will help with sustainability, but will help with the interaction between all the different generations, creating a sense of community. I proposed ideas of creating a ‘social inner section’ within the space. The kitchen is the most sociable room of the house, and I wanted this space to extend out onto the central allotments; By giving the kitchens large, sliding glass doors which project out into the central courtyard, I aimed to connect the residents own private space with the public space with the aim to create a sociable way of living, increasing interaction.