Fenella Pakeman


P1- Observatory

Our observatory is located on the most Westerly point of Higgar Tor within Sheffield’s Peak district where the steep rocky precipice forms a natural threshold. The inspiration for the design of our building takes precedents from the formation of fallen meteorites with the uniquely shaped coloured windows giving the interior the feeling for being inside one. Externally, the concrete geometry of the observatory blends into the skyline as if part of the naturally rugged landscape. Our building aims to provide school children and amateur star-gazers of Sheffield city with a space specifically designed for teaching, sleeping, refuelling and observing.





P2- Library



With Manchester claiming to be one of the most linguistically diverse cities within Western Europe, my P2 library aims to celebrate this by not only housing a collection of books from different cultures but providing areas to study and discuss them, as well as a mutli-faith space to cater for library users with religious backgrounds. Externally, the library is marked by the tree on the corner with the variegated bricks forming a backdrop. Internally, the spaces and users are not only brought together through the books in which they discuss but architecturally through the central void which brings light from above deep into the building. This light also represents the common symbol for knowledge.




P3- Housing


This housing project developed from my manifesto for what I believe to be the ideal lifetime family home- somewhere with private outdoor recreational space as well as a larger shared space that helps to foster a sense of community. With Burngreave being one of the less affluent areas of Sheffield and being home to a large ethnic community and older population, my aim for the housing scheme is to bring all residents together and provide a sense of belonging. This is made possible by the range of homes I have designed, from two bed accessible homes to five bed family homes, each with ample flexible space, room for personalisation and views onto a landscaped central garden. Overall, the form of the scheme follows that of the neighbouring building’s roofline through its triangular parapets with the buff brick and aluminium detail contrast giving a modern clean aesthetic.