Felix Jenkins

The Iris Lense at Surprise View – Ropewalks Music Library – Burngreave Grow More Housing

The Iris Lense at Surprise View

The Hope Valley, Peak District, Sheffield

Situated a short ride out of Sheffield, with views over the beautiful hope valley, from the landscape emerges an Iris Lense. Welcoming, mysterious and intriguing. A basecamp and hub for photographers–as well as a gallery exhibition space for all those who utilise the surrounding trails, rocks and hills of the stunning Peak District; hosting stunning, playful and contemporary optical views.

Ropewalks Music Library

Ropewalks, Liverpool

As part of a wider scheme to utilise and engage the Ropewalks area, The Ropewalks Music Library idealises and reinterprets, providing a mixture of spaces where visitors can immerse themselves at varying levels of participation into the world of music. Get lost in the archives, explore artwork through time and place, record something old or new.
The existing courtyard is flourished with a roof structure within which plants can thrive, performances pop up, workshops and sharing sessions can take place and private listening spots can be found.

Please see bottom of page for Ropewalks group urban analysis.

Burngreave Grow More Housing

This scheme places ‘Urban Agriculture’ right at the heart of its design, with mechanisms which feed into a local, neighborhood and city wide level of sustainable development.

We began by embarking on a neighborhood study (see below project) and a masterplan for Burngreave as part of the ‘Sheffield Outdoor City’ development.

Delivering three 3 person flats, two 3 person duplex apartments, two large family homes, three moderate homes all with garden and roof terraces and access to the community allotment.

Housing Manifesto; Grow your Own

Urban Agriculture Precedent Study

Housing and allotment development, Burngreave, Sheffield.

Group Studies

Urban Analysis Study Ropewalks

Housing Precedents Study; Albert Crescent, Bath

Neighborhood Study; Activate Burngreave

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