Felix Cousins


Higger Tor Observatory


Sitting on the rim on the Burbage Valley, the Higger Tor Observatory is facility where schoolchildren can come to

learn about the universe that surrounds them.The Base Camp building accommodates the offices, toilets, projection room and

teaching space; and frames the view of the Satellite building on the crest of the hill. Thetransparent structure will glow at night,

providing a focus to which the students are drawn to as they move up through the landscape. Here, they can operate the

telescope or take in the expansive views


The Den (Sharrow Children’s Library)


Reading means different things to different people, Sharrow Children’s Library tries to

accommodate for this by providing a spectrum ofmicro-environments across a

undulating interior landscape of book racks and reading spots. There are no distinct

book stacks dividing the space, any vertical surface contains books, any horizontal

surface can be settled upon. A central atrium doubles up as an amphitheater where visiting

storytellers can entrance the crowds. The thick walls protect a stimulating environment

that the kids can escape to, and lose themselves within the pages of the books



Heeley Veterans Housing


The Heeley Veterans Housing provides 8 single-story dwellings for injured service personnel and their families

as they reintegrate with mainstream society. The stepped dwellings are all accessed off the a sloping deck

that rises up from the pavement to the first floor at the other end, where it meets the circulation tower

that doubles as a public access viewing deck. Inside a single spine wall runs through each apartment,

all services are concentrated within allowing all other interior walls to be reconfigured at will. A

cycle route runs through the center of the under croft level, which is connected to the courtyard by a series

of holes punched in the deck, through which trees shoot