Fanni Csepeli


P1: Falconry training centre

Set within the woodlands near Ringinglow, the falconry training centre is a structure which aims to physically dissolve the poetic threshold between humankind and bird species. The shape of the structure responds to the falcon’s flight movement, the typography changes of the site and the interaction between the falconer and his falcon. The distinction between human and bird inhabitation is reflected through the materiality; the solid steel structure representing men’s and the light-weight tensile structure resembling bird occupation.


P2: A building for the community

Darnall used be famous for its industrial background which gave its people a true sense of belonging. After World War 2, this community has disappeared and immigrants became the primarily tenants of the area. The amateur community theatre aims to end the social disconnection that defines Darnall today and offer a place where residents can grow into a true community.