Eugenia Davidson






In Collaboration with Hannah Graves


An observatory nestled amongst the hills of Higger Tor in the Peak district, the kestrel and hare find warmth and shelter
amongst the timber slats upon which the building sits. Timber frames and stone walls are scattered between the teaching building and observatory to frame essential views as well as for the public’s use when setting up personal telescopes or for bird watching.






Black box Theatre


Set in the soulful Northern Quarter of Manchester, we were tasked with designing a theatre. Inspired by the constant change of the surrounding environment of site, I decided to explore black box and projector theatre: using technology to heighten both the audience and performers experience of theatre. This along with precedents such as art instillation and set design informed my building from the interior and exterior design to materiality choice.







Housing and green interactions


Set in Burngreave Sheffield, the task to design a housing scheme with a community aspect led me to explore green balconies as a method of interaction between different generations. I chose to design inter generational housing along with what I deem ‘3 Generational housing’ because of the large Asian population in Burngreave, the older generation and the growing number of households with grandparents.

The community facility is a cafe/kitchen where everyone including the wider community can gather, along with roof gardens both used as a growing space and events space for different ages from playgroups for children to 50+ yoga.