Ethan He (Zi Yang)




P 1     O B S E R V A T I O N        T H E      N I G H T     S K Y       O F       T H E       P E A K

This project set in the far far away land, Name Higger Tor. With the magical landscape that take people breathe. I was set to design an observatory that look into the night sky. To connect the sky and the land, to explore the light and dark… the relationships….



P 2       T H E A T R E       H E A R T       O F     A T T E R C L I F F E

This project set in the lost world of Attercliffe, where the place is forgotten, and a destination for the few lone traveller seeking for desperate help. I was set to design a theatre to create a destination of Attercliffe, also a place for the community gather…



P3       H O U S I N G       F O R     T H E       H O M E L E S S      F A M I L Y

This project set not far from the city, an area call Heeley. A peaceful area where you know your neighbour. With the diverse group of communities, I was set to design a housing scheme aiming for my manifesto where I want to design for the homeless, working with charity organisation like shelter and the local community, to create a safe place where the homeless family can change their lives.