Esther Holland

P1 Photo Point

Our Brief for this project was to design a Photo Studio and Tea Point in the Peak District. We focused on the textures on and surrounding our site, using them to influence the materiality of the photo studio. The form of the Containers echoes the surrounding rocks and sits comfortably into the landscape, not intruding on the natural context. Our Design also provides spaces for various forms of photography, to allow for as much creativity and opportunity to capture the beauty of nature.

P2 Theatre for Music

The way in which individuals experience music formed the basis for the design of my theatre; Looking at how music can tell a story and takes the spectator on a journey. This concept carried through into the design using different materials to take spectators from outside in the street, into and through the building. My Music Theatre is a flexible venue for musical performance as the main auditorium can be used by professional musicians and the large busking space provides an opportunity for more amateur musicians to share their music. The theatre also draws people from Stevenson Square through little lever Street, highlighting its hidden qualities.

P3 Intergenerational Housing

Loneliness for the Elderly and lack of social Growth in young children is a problem which many communities are currently facing. My Housing aims to provide families and Elderly people with a comfortable home that they can dwell in while becoming part of a vibrant community. Each House has a porch area which the homeowners can take full ownership of, making it their own. While the shared community garden and park encourages interaction and relationships between residents and the wider Burngreave community; My aim was to provide a space in which the elderly can tackle loneliness through interacting with children as they play and learn in the Nursery.