Eniayo A. Oyebolu

Programme 2 – Hillsborough Community Theatre

Situated in the Sheffield suburb of Hillsborough, the theatre is a couple of metres from the centre of the district, popularly known as ‘Hillsborough Corner’.  It is located on the districts high street – Langsett Road, and is intended to serve as Hillsborough’s Community Theatre. It is home to a cosy auditorium, surrounded on the ground floor by a backstage and workshop area, and on the first floor by a bar/ coffee area which can be converted for various uses. On the second floor, the lighting catwalk and bridge can be found as well as the lavatories.

The concept behind the design and proposed use of the Theatre is ‘breaking the cocoon’. Architecturally, this is achieved by the ‘back of house’ (backstage etc) being located on the street front of the building with a glass façade, this allows the public to see into the backstage area, revealing the secrets of the theatre. However, if required by the actors, the façade can be partially or fully closed off using the copper panels which slide over the glass panels, blocking the views in.  Functionally, the theatre is proposed to work as a community theatre, a place whereanyone can find out, get involved and learn about production and theatre. The theatre will hold workshops on prop making, acting, lighting, sound etc for people of all ages. It can also be used to hold shows for schools, small up and coming acting groups, or travelling shows and whatever else the community deem fit.


Programme 1 – Apiary 

Situated in a secluded area of Sheffield General Cemetery, the Apiary provides the prefect environment for bees and beekeepers. Constructed from primarily cross-laminated timber and glass, the building nestles nicely amongst the trees, with the front of the building projecting out into the clearing. The front of the building is surrounded by a two-metre high hedge which acts as a barrier to protect the bees as well the public. The Apiary is approached through the trees, on a small path off one of the main pathways on the site. It is entered round the back on the first floor, which is open to the public. The first floor houses a small ‘information point’ where the public can find information about the what the Apiary does, about the bees and other events; a small coffee stop; a lavatory; and a roof terrace which can be accessed by anyone and overlooks the beehives in the clearing.  The ground floor, which can only be accessed by authorised personnel, is home to a multipurpose room which can be used for meetings or teaching sessions; a honey extraction lab, a ‘clean corridor’; access to the hives; and a small balcony overlooking the hives in the clearing.