Portfolio | Emma Carpenter
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Emma Carpenter

Year 2 Portfolio including ‘Threshold’, ‘Library’ and ‘Housing’.

P1 – Threshold (a small building in a landscape)

With Chuyue (Cherine) Hu

Our site for P1 was in Hathersage, Derbyshire. As part of the ‘grow‘ studio, we were asked to design a small building for the Hathersage Allotments. We chose to situate our building accross the Hood Brook as a bridge from the civilised side of Hathersage to the free pastures of the Peak District.

P2 – Library (an Arts Library in Liverpool)

The Liverpool Arts Library is a neighbourhood art gallery designed for a site in Ropewalks in Liverpool. Inspired by the trees on the site in St. Peter’s Square, I wanted to design a building that grew around the trees and encapsulated them to bring their healing powers to the users of the library. Walking around Ropewalks there is a lot of street art which is what prompted the idea of an arts library for local artists to display their work and lead classes.

P3 – Housing (Housing for fractured families)

For this project, I chose to use my personal history with housing as inspiration for my manifesto. Coming from a struggling background and having to move away from a parent and the family house as a child can affect the way you ‘feel at home’ in the ‘houses’ you now have to call home. When some people can return to their childhood bedrooms in their adulthood, many other children move from home to home as circumstances change – which leads to feelings of not-belonging. In this project I wanted to design homes that could be of reasonable cost and that fractured families – or starter families could move into once and afford to live there for a lifetime. The scheme takes traditional building methods and materials (except from the roofs) and enhances them to give each house a feel of individuality and pride of ownership, rather that picking out a unit in a block of identical apartments.