Emma Dziemianko

Second Year Portfolio


P1 Photo Point

Joint project with Cass Golding

The brief for this project centred around designing a small, temporary building within a landscape. We were asked to design a photo point for amateur and professional landscape photographers, with facilities for workshops, editing and exhibitions. The site is located along the footpath from Surprise View car park to Mother Cap, in the Peak District. We designed our building to be cantilevered from the rock face found just off the footpath. This was to limit the footprint to be as small as possible footprint, as to not leave lasting damage to the otherwise untouched landscape. The main concept for our design was based around the passing of time after reflecting upon the practical and poetical relationships between time and photography. Similarly, the circular floor plans were designed to symbolise our concept of time, while practically allowing for 360 degree views of the landscape from the viewing platform.



Concept: Time

Initial Sketches

Concept Model

Activity Storyboard



Model Photos: Construction

Model Photos: Landscape

Killer Drawing Exterior

Killer Drawing Interior


P2 Theatre

The brief for P2 asked us to design a theatre in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I decided to design an intimate, spoken word theatre with a bar and gallery. Inspired by the local political and community oriented street art, I wanted my theatre to prompt conversations and provide a platform for ideas to be expressed, both on and off the stage; for this I considered the journey through the building and the visual and audible relationships between different spaces. Also, I wanted to inspire amateurs and local people in the community to perform spoken word to voice their ideas and thoughts by designing a semi-open relationship between front and back of house. Finally, the thrust theatre is designed to create an intimate yet impressive space, where the timber grid shell roof indicates the interior space and the exterior trough is used for rainwater collection.

Site Photos


Urban Study

Spoken Word


Section aa

Journey Through the Building

Interior Perspectives


P3 Housing

For this project we were asked to design housing for families and an additional domestic group with a community interface in Burngreve, Sheffield. My manifesto; minimalist co-housing for creatives, developed from exploring the importance of our personal possessions and the home. Both the family unit types and bungalows for singletons or couples are designed with an attached private studio that open up onto a shared courtyard creating an open relationship between units. Rammed earth is used for the construction of the studios, actualising the importance of creating through the architecture. Also, the studios are accessed through a separate entrance to the dwellings as a response to the idea of ritual; leaving the home space and entering a different zone. The private street elevation responds to the industrial scale and non-domestic feel of the site, however the community interface has a large open access from the street. The community interface functions as a community studio, providing facilities such as a dark room, kiln room and printing presses, a public cafe during the day/community kitchen for residents in the evenings and a laundry room for residents.

Personal Belongings


Activity Heat Map

Site Considerations

Massing Development

Solar Analysis

Solar Design and Building Types

Development Construction Detail

Exterior Sketch Perspective

Interior Sketch Perspectives


Section aa

Sectional Perspective bb