Emma Donnellan

P1: South Street Cycle Centre­

The brief for this project was to design a temporary cycle centre at South Street Park, Sheffield. The cycle centre had to include storage for up to 50 bikes, a maintenance and repair area, a place to prepare hot drinks and changing and bathroom facilities. I chose to utilise the steep slope of the site in the same way as Park Hill Flats and create a two storey building with ground level access to both floors. This is ideal for a cycle centre as cyclists can access both floors with their bikes. I put the bike storage on the lower floor of my building and all the other necessary spaces on the upper floor. Due to the location of my building near the main road I exploited the opportunity to create a glass shop front to attract people from the growing community as a result of the redevelopment of Park Hill flats.



P2: Sharrow Community Library

For our second project we were set the task of designing a community library in Sharrow, Sheffield. When we visited the site we noticed that there was a lot of graffiti and street art in the area. In order to attract and connect with the local community I designed my library as a place where graffiti and street art is encouraged rather than frowned upon so that people can express themselves through art in a controlled environment without getting into trouble. The building features public exhibition spaces downstairs where people are prompted to draw or paint on the walls and floors whilst upstairs consists of the main part of the library with books and places to study.



P3: Housing Project

The brief for this project was to design a small housing development in Heeley, Sheffield. Heeley started as a small village that has been engulfed by the city of Sheffield over the years. This has resulted in a suburb that feels quite cut off from the city but with a real sense of its own community. Located on a hill, the area offers lots of views of the countryside surrounding Sheffield which further strengthens the rural atmosphere.

I chose to focus on this and try to enhance the unique feeling of being in a rural environment within a city. I was inspired by the formation of farmhouses around a central courtyard and tried to recreate this arrangement on my site whilst framing the view of the church from the entrance to SUM Studios.