Emily Chooi




Refuge for Walkers


Located near Castleton along the Great Ridge Walk; between Mam Tor and Loose Hill, the site is nestled partly in a forest opening out onto Back Tor. After a long hike, occupants can take refuge in this shelter and stay for the night with all the facilities they may need. A public viewing platform has been placed at the top of the site where the view is limited as you first enter in the dark cylindrical building but spirals up to an open podium that gives a vast panoramic view of the peak district. Due to the steep nature of the site, levels of privacy are created with the view diminishing as you descend.  There are shared eating and living spaces on the first and second floor and the sleeping quarters are below in the darker and more secluded forest.





Library of expression


The task was to re-invent the library and integrate it with the community. Darnall has a reputation for gang crimes as young adults do not have a place to entertain at night. Libraries used to be a place of enjoyment during our youth which is why my library has zones where they can express themselves about their past. The library is versatile and alters as the day progresses. The cylindrical staircase holds books on the outside and an intimate area on the inside. During the day it is a gaming zone and then at night it transforms into a slam poetry pit. The café space works as a larger performance area but can also host film nights. The coloured windows protrude mimicking books on a shelf to create seating and bookshelves. In the daytime the colours infiltrate the inside of the building, filling the space with tinted lighting. At night it reverses with the interior lighting creating a fog of colours onto the street.






A Transitional home but a skill for life


Heeley is a family orientated area which is why I decided to alter my manifesto of designing for single homeless people to homeless families. They may still have shelter but not necessarily their own address. On my site I have designed a transitional home where families can come to stay for short periods of time in order to learn a skill, whether that is craft, cooking, farming or gardening. These skills are then applied to make produce that will be sold in the small scale outdoor roof market. The ground floor holds flats for single parents and one child with shared facilities. On the upper level there are self-contained houses. Each house comes with plenty of storage so it does not look empty depending on their amount of possessions. Eventually they will be able to apply for a job and afford their own home. The single houses behind the craft workshop are for the counsellors and child minders that work in the nursery whilst the parents are working. This collection of housing is a safe environment for vulnerable people yet still caters for every age.