Emilia Gołębiewska

Project 1 – Winery – Wincobank, Sheffield

The brief of the project was to design a facility for the production of sparkling wine.

The project is located in Wincobank, north of the city centre of Sheffield, a large green area with vistas over the city. The design sits very lightly on the site, perched on stilts over a steep slope. The main material of the design is timber from trees growing on site, making the building blend in with its surroundings. The design includes a workshop, a small office, as well as a visitor space, where customers can taste and buy the wine produced by the winery.



Project 2 – Theatre – Darnall, Sheffield

The brief for the project was to design a performance space, be it dance, drama, or any other kind.

Located in Darnall a very mixed neighbourhood, with both new and old establishments. It has very little green spaces, and the buildings in the area are mostly two storey tall structures, made out of brick.

The proposed theatre design can accommodate drama and dance performances, it also provides a cafe, a place which was previously lacking in the area. The theatre is a moderately sized public building, which hopefully will attract new and creative people into the area of Darnall and stimulate change and development.

The facade of the theatre is meant to reflect the spaces behind it. The cafe is fronted by very large windows with a number of slits, the auditorium is, on the other hand, completely closed off, retaining the mystery of what is happening behind the wall. The backstage facade opens up again, however to a lesser degree than the cafe front.



Project 3 – Housing – Heeley, Sheffield

The brief for this project was to develop a housing scheme which would respond to the context and provide an interesting alternative to the housing existing in the area, as well as to develop a unique understanding of what a house should be like. The underlying idea of my scheme was to develop a housing project which would inspire pride in its inhabitants, creating a sense of responsibility and thus – a sense of community.

Located in Heeley,  my housing scheme is aimed at young families with children, but can also accommodate slightly larger families, as well as single persons. The scheme includes a communal and secluded inner courtyard, designed to resemble a secret garden.