Eloise Piper

Year 2 Portfolio


Project 1: Observatory 

Location: Higger Tor, Sheffield

In collaboration with Lugain Rfidah 

Our brief was to design an ‘Observatory’ situated on Higger Tor – one of the Peak District’s many iconic landmarks – on the theme of ‘Threshold’. The site has various changing textures including rocks, grass and pathways and our observatory sits over the ‘threshold’ change between these. During daylight hours, its position gives panoramic views over the Peaks and a viewing platform for bird watchers which faces the eastern woods. At night, the function of the building changes to astronomy with tri-pod telescopes and a dome telescope. 



Project 2: Theatre 

Location: Ancoats, Manchester

My musical theatre is designed to use the complete production of a musical – from set design, through rehearsals, to actual performance – as a way of enhancing and creating community involvement in Ancoats. Located next to the vibrant Northern Quarter, Ancoats itself lacks this creative enrichment. Hence, the theatre – named the ACA (Ancoats Creative Arts Centre)targets this need by using musical theatre based activities to involve the local community. For example, photography sessions in the studio or set-building in the workshop. 



Project 3: Housing

Location: Burngreave, Sheffield 

Our task was to design a housing project in Burngreave, a rich and diverse area of many cultures. My proposal is a social housing scheme aimed at the large Roma community living there. The Romas in the Page Hall area of Burngreave live in sub-standard and cramped housing, within the context of the countrywide social housing crisis. My scheme addresses this issue through the provision of 5 bed houses which cater for the larger, inter-generational families and two bed houses for smaller starting families. There are community spaces which include allotments, an auditorium, seating space and a kitchen that encourage involvement and integration between different people. The buildings will be brick-clad to complement the traditional use of brick in the surrounding area whilst also staying affordable.