Ella Murrell


Windy Knoll, The Peak District


In collaboration with Deepti Nayar

This Walkers’ Refuge is located on a popular walking route overlooking Mam Tor in the Peak District. Unique to the site is a nearby cave, which conceptually inspired this design as a place of rest and solitude. The translucent and flexible structure encompasses an organic form almost hidden from plain view, intriguing any passerby in need of a place rest.






Northern Quarter, Manchester


This theatre seeks to provide a holistic sensory experience for the audience and performers alike. You might just hear the building before you see it and glimpse fragments of performances as you approach. The rhythmic form of the building takes the visitor on a journey, wrapping around the facade and up into the performance space, which is flexible and intimate for a variety of art forms.






Burngreave, Sheffield


This project explores the relationship between thresholds and children. By expanding the scale of thresholds and analysing them in social, domestic and ritualistic ways, this scheme aims to create a safe haven for the children of Burngreave and housing which enhances the strong sense of community that already exists.






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