Elizabeth Nguyen


‘In the ancient country of Orn, there lived an old man who was called the Bee-man, because his whole time was spent in the company of bees. He lived in a small hut, which was nothing more than an immense bee hive, for these little creatures had built their honey-combs in every corner of the one room it contained, on the shelves, under the little table, all about the rough bench on which the old man sat, and even above the head-board and along the sides of his low bed…’.

The first project was located at Sheffield General Cemetery – to me the area was vibrant with trees and overgrowing plants. The brief was to design a building fit for meetings, bee extractions and bee tutorials, also featuring bee hives somewhere in the site. My building is heavily influenced by the trees and plants as my design features “hanging gardens” and a route around the building to see the hives.


“The theatre was once the heart of every community. A place to escape, a place to dream and wonder, a place to fall in love… The catharsis of the theatrical experience has been part of our society for centuries. It has the power to bring communities together, and contribute to a ‘sense’ of community.

As a building form, the presence of a theatre within a town once signified an achievement of social standing, an elevation to a higher intellectual or cultural level- a focus of great civic pride.”

The next project was located in Attercliffe in Sheffield, a run-down area in need of an injection of life. Plans for Attercliffe from the government was to include building a mega school where Don Valley Stadium was, hence why I have chosen to make my theatre for children to try and reunite the communities and cultures of Attercliffe, in turn creating a better, more vibrant community. 


“The design of housing, unlike the single house, offers an opportunity to exploit the potential of multiple units; the street. 

Central to the design and habitation of housing is the realm of ‘the shared’, expressed both physically in party walls, communal space, sustainable strategies, and metaphorically in the expression of common values, be they social, cultural, or issues of lifestyle.”

The housing project was located in Heeley, my housing was designed for the homeless and the poor in our society. They in turn learn a trade and help the community of Heeley to earn their homes. The scheme is designed to help people get back on their feet and to then continue to help others.