Elizabeth McLeod

Studying architecture in Sheffield for the past two years has allowed the development of an asset of skills that range from the creative into the academic. This body of work displays the three projects of second year and highlights my development over the year. Starting with P1 which asked us to design a simple cycle hut and tested pencil drawing skills, P3 presented us with the task of housing. With all the projects I have tried and tested a multiple range of styles and through this, began to develop my own, which I hope becomes apparent in this portfolio.




P1: Threshold – Cycle Hire Centre

For this project an understanding to the surrounding context was key.

The bones of the brief required that a space had to be appropriated for 50 bikes with accomodation of up to 2 people. We then used the context to expand this brief and initiate a design.

For me this meant a place where people could leave their bikes safely en route to or coming from the train station which sits opposite. In addition to this, a small café became appropriate given the context, as well as the steps as part of the landscape, which in the end defined my design.




P2 : Perform- Community Theatre

Our brief entailed the design of a small community theatre building which forged a link between the community of Darnall and the wider context.

Two primary focuses were front and back of house areas, facilitating rehearsals and live performances.

This project allowed research into types of theatre and I became aware of what would be appropriate within the given area. The final design became enveloped around the theme of music and entails a place for local school children to learn and play as well as perform: appropriate in terms of its local and wider context.




P3- Housing Project

Our brief was to design a housing project to accommodate for a mixture of families with children and smaller domestic groups.

The majority of dwellings should be directly accessible from ground level and it is encouraged to incorporate an adaptable space for work, study or recreation within each one.

An approach towards shared space offered by the collective nature of the project would also be valued, as well as an attitude towards parking and consideration of the contribution to street.

Within this brief we were required to propose our own manifesto which explored types of housing, directed social groups and a certain political view on the issue which is currently overwhelming the nation.

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