Elina Andreou

Second Year Architecture Projects

Project 1 – Threshold

In collaboration with Theodosia Tsikkou

For this project our brief was to create a shelter for cavers to use before and after their caving experience. Our site was nearby the cave Peak Cavern in Castleton. With such a dramatic site we wanted to create a shelter for the cavers to be able to relax and we decided to place our house outside of the cave rather than inside the cave, as it would make them feel like more claustrophobic. Therefore we made our Ground Floor  our threshold, which is the main entrance and it has no windows reflecting the feeling  inside of a cave. And then as you move on the first floor, is an open space area with windows looking an the view reflecting the open space outside the cave.


 Project 2- Theatre

For this project our task was to create a theatre in an industrial and residential area of Manchester, Ancoats. I wanted to create a theatre that can relax people after work and also for families so I came with the idea of creating a music theatre. The ground floor is used as a lobby area and then as you go up the stairs you can see a huge opening until the roof where the staircase is and in the middle there is a huge chandelier hanging from the roof with a void in the middle for the sunlight to fall on the chandelier and provide light in all the floors. Furthermore, the first floor is used as a cafeteria and restaurant with huge windows overlooking Ancoats and then on the second floor we have the theatre. What is really interesting about the theatre is it’s unique curved shape. For the shape I was inspired from the music instruments and what also makes it unique is that the theatre hangs out from  one side revealing it’s shape to the public.

Project 3- Housing 

For our final project our brief was to design a housing project to accommodate both families and an additional domestic group. Our site was located in an industrial area with lots of shops, factories and abandoned buildings in Burngreave, Sheffield. Therefore I wanted to make the area feel more friendly and more residential by adding social and open spaces in the area for the residents such as coffee shop, different shops, an open space in the middle for different activities and  private roof gardens for each unit. Furthermore my scheme was to accommodate families with kids, older people and young couples. So I created 3 different types of accommodation including houses and flats.


Email address: eandreou1@sheffield.ac.uk