Eleni Xenophontos

-Year 2 Portfolio-

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-Project 1-

  “Threshold-Cavier’s Shelter” in collaboration with Rania Kapitani

Our brief for this project was to design a retreat for cavers for them to stay before and after they finish from their adventures.  Our site was at the Peak Cavern in Castleton. For our “Territory” part we explored the preparation process for a caver to enter a cave where we understood the dangers, and the excitement of the sport. In order for the caveman to succeed to this sport it has to be a physical but also mental preparation is needed before entering a cave as the activity’s poetics suggest how important it is when man and nature come together. We also understood the importance of the threshold between the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’ world, therefore, our design is simple and discreet, which tries to blend into the landscape in order to show respect to it, as well as the cavers who will use it to either get ready for or get rest from the activity of caving. 





-Project 2-


 The brief was to create a Library  in a busy and artistic area in Manchester the Northern Quarter. Choosing my own character of library i decided to design a library for Performing Arts: Theater, Music & Dance. The library will bring more excitement to an empty site feeling the area with artists or people that are interested in learning more or practice their talent. Anyone interest in any kind of performing art can enter the library where he can have a coffee, study, explore, learn & practice. 





-Project 3-


Walking through Burngreave, an industrial area in Sheffield i observed that there were no places for kids to play except the streets. Located near the Children Center i decided that my personal manifesto for the housing  scheme was to create affordable houses and apartments for families and young coupled with a shared youth center and a courtyard with a playground where kids from the families and the Children Center could play. It is a playful and joyful housing block as it is designed for children so that that it can be more enjoyable. Also it would add more joy to the area.