Eirini Ilia

P2: Theatre Design

While walking the streets of Hillsborough, the sense of traffic and noise was very vivid, as the site is revolved by bus and tram stops. My approach design for the theatre was to show the contrast between outside and inside and more specifically the dramatic change of noise levels when leaving the noisy street and entering an interior space.

My choice of audience was children, as I wanted to bring the community closer together in order to create a safer place for the children, which from what I observed there were quite a lot.
The ceiling/floor follows a descending path starting from a double height space right at front (facade) and ends in a short height space at the back showing the an abstract representation of noise levels. The dramatic level change makes people’s perspective to constantly change as walking through the space, creating an experience. Also, at the back, the short height space complements the play area encouraging the children to crawl and play.

The materiality is stone and timber as to show the connection to fairytale like houses, making children feel excited that they have entered a ‘different world’. The actual theatre seating shows flexibility as cushions are used on the floor/seats so that children can sit any way they like to enjoy the performance.

The colourful tables, the playing area, the cushions and the mirror finish on the lift and bar add to the playfulness of the design.



Astronomy: Light Box

For this project we were asked to design an astronomy observatory. My decision was to create a light box that captures the essence of space during the day as well, so that the rays of sun will penetrate the coloured glass and create colourful shadows. It consists of three pieces: the telescope, the light box and the accommodation space.

What is exciting is the fact that the light box slides on railings on the ground, creating flexible spacing so it either creates a shelter for the accommodation or used independently. The fact that it can slide is an evidence to the choice of material which is mainly lightweight timber. It is also open for viewing for anyone visiting the site during the day, turning the observatory into an attraction. The ‘Light Box’ creates an atmospheric environment relating to astronomy.

During the night, the atmosphere of astronomy is more literal as the telescope is used.