Edward Yan


Location: Castleton, Peak District

In collaboration with Jamie Black.

Our first project was entitled ‘Threshold’, in which we explored the exciting landscape of the Peak District. Our particular project was a walker’s refuge, forcing us to consider what landscape is and why it has an intrinsic relationship to architecture. The importance of the context was vital in the creation of the architecture. Our design played on the concept of a journey where you lose the muddy and wet clothes from when you are hiking, walking down into embedded pods where you have a direct view out into the wild and restless landscape.





Location: Northern Quarter, Manchester

When faced with the brief of designing a modern interpretation of a library, I chose to design a fashion library. Using the history of Manchester being dubbed “Cottonopolis” and it’s status as the international centre of the cotton and textile trade during the 19th century, a library focussed on fashion has some relevant historical significance.

Still to this day, Manchester’s textile and fabric industry is thriving, with many shops in the Northern Quarter giving to the fashion industry. With a mix of vintage stores and fabric wholesalers, mixed with the close proximity of the Arndale and other shopping areas, the site would be perfect for something that closely responds to the context of the area.

In terms of design, I was inspired by pleated fabric and I thought that it could be translated well in the built environment – either as a motif or even as a whole facade. I wanted a building that was wrapped around in fabric, which would shine through in the area as a landmark piece of architecture.

The building has three distinct floors for specific use. Ground floor that is open and exploratory. Selecting patterns and looking at magazines. The second floor is all about testing materials and swatching fabrics – exploring colours, textures and being inspired by the fabric. The top floor is about production – creating quality garments in a collaborative space.




Location: Burngreave, Sheffield

 This project was based in Burngreave, Sheffield, where we were tasked to create a housing scheme that was backed by a certain agenda in which we developed and responded to. My housing scheme focused on LGBT Youth Homelessness and the approach that you would take in rehousing individuals that are in need. With a community centre and a drop in centre embedded into the scheme, it was important to me that the housing would be a safe and warm environment for people that are at risk and need the guidance that could be provided from families.

With my site being in a residential area, establishing a hierarchy in which the housing units were zoned was important to encourage an air of safety and community within a small scheme. There is a communal courtyard in between street level housing and the apartments along a secondary route for there to be a social and interactive platform for the families and the young people being reintroduced to society. 



Email Address: eyan1@sheffield.ac.uk