Edmund Thomas Green


Across my second year studying Architecture at the University of Sheffield, I have been
able to build upon skills I brought to the course from 1st year, and School before that.
Making models has become a particular favourite of mine, and I have found that models
help me design as well as represent ideas. Much of my development in design, and often
inspiration, has been born out of blurry interior 
shots of scrappy cardboard, and I have
enjoyed discovering this. At the other end of the scale I have found much satisfaction in
the execution of precise and final models. Exploring the facilities and tools available to
me, I have honed my skills in the workshop. I look forward to taking all of these skills to
the next level in 3rd year.

Below you will find 3 projects from this year which display these skills.
Scroll down further to find some work I have done in my own time.

contact me – edmundthomasgreen@gmail.com

P1 – A Training Centre for Arborists

For our first project of the year I was briefed to design a training centre for Arborists. The centre had to accommodate space for 12 students to be taught both inside and outside, it had to include showers and changing space for both male and female students, and a space for taking breaks and making a cup of tea.

My site is on the Limb Brook Valley just out side of Ringinglow. One of the first things I noticed is how wet the site is, so I proceeded to map the water paths across the site. I discovered a patch of dry land that was marooned by unstable boggy land. My building became a bridge to reach this space. The wet ground forms a boundary around the dry ground and a room is created. The space becomes a safe place to use chainsaws as it is inaccessible to the public without going through the building or wading through the bog.

My design grew out of a study of the changing nature of the grain in a log. With each slice the pattern in the wood adjusts slightly. Through sketch modelling this led me onto a very tactile building. The long thing plan is broken down by floor to ceiling windows, which differ in width along the length of the building. The narrow windows in the corridor create a darker space, which pushes you through the building. The teaching and social spaces are well lit, and define arrival.

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P2 – ‘The Wroten Piper’

For our second project of the year I was briefed to design a theatre to enrich a failing community. My site is in Attercliffe, a suburb of Sheffield that has become dominated by the main road it clings to. As a result of this the town has lost its former glory. Home to the John Banner Building and the Adelphi Theatre, the town once had a vibrant life. There are plans to regenerate the town, and ‘The Wroten Piper’ is designed to fit into these plans.

The theatre has a façade that faces directly onto the main road; therefore it needs to shout out at passing traffic to draw custom. Already on the site is an old fruit and veg shop. I instantly liked the quirky character the shop front gave, and a little research soon revealed that the shop had become an enigma, as W Pierrepoint (as the shop name reads) was assumed to be related to the famous hangman; Albert Pierrepoint. However this is just a rumour that has gone on so long it is now perceived as a truth, but I love the fantasy behind this story so I decided that in tribute to this tale I would retain the lettering and simply rearrange the order of the letters to get ‘wroten piper’, hence the theatres name. The fruit and veg shop has been adapted to become the box office.

The site is very small, in order to combat this my design was developed largely in section leading to a very tall stacking seating pattern. This is resolved in 2 stories of seating, with a row of standing above that. The stage and auditorium are all contained in a corten box, elevated above the bar. A tall winding stair wraps up the box, emerging behind the box office in white, which is a stark contrast to the darkening corten. The stair inspires curiosity and pulls you up the height of the building.
Below ground we find the changing and rehearsal spaces. A back stair provides access directly to the stage. This stair is encased in glass so a passer-by might catch a glimpse of Cinderella as she sprints down for a quick change.

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P3 – Housing

For our final project of the year I was briefed to design a housing scheme in Heeley, situated just outside of Sheffield. Although Heeley is separated from Sheffield by green space and the infamous Heeley City Farm, it would be very easy to drive through Heeley everyday without ever knowing it existed. There is no ‘sense of arrival’. My scheme is one of the first buildings you encounter in Heeley, therefore I designed a corner massing on the site to address the ‘sense of arrival’ and in response to the views across Sheffield. A public library space on the ground floor ensures these views aren’t privatised.

The other massing on my site was born directly out of my manifesto; can housing break down the social boundaries between different class systems? I propose that this is possible via two methods. The first is to mask the boundaries of individual dwellings, so that not even your neighbour knows where your jurisdiction ends, and the second is create moments across the terrace where you can’t help but encounter your neighbours. These social points will make individuals aware of the community they live in, and hopefully encourage it to be built upon.

Across the two massing there are a total of 19 dwellings. The smallest is a 1 Bed studio flat, and the largest is a 4-bed end-of –terrace town house.

All this collates to give a façade of seemingly flawless utopia; perhaps naïve of me, but when the building envelope is pulled back, we start to experience what lies beneath the mask.

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Personal Studies

Below is a collection of work that I have completed in my own time. A few pieces are from my A-level Fine Art course, a few from life drawing classes in Sheffield, and a few are from my travels across the last few summers.

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