Edmund Savory


Russell’s {Re-located} Bicycle Shed

Lying above the train station and just beneath Park Hill, the Cycle Hub provides a secure public facility, exploiting panoramic views and a scenic location. Through various iterations, i explored key concepts of:

_urban mingling and discovery by bicycle

_non-permanent construction from an existing site route

“Above all it gives to me also, memories to cherish and store inwardly, as I wheel my ways on joyous days… such a day has been today”

_ Albert Winstanley



Drag Cabaret S9 3TR

During this project I explored the significance and presence of a theatre and how, potentially, they can tie together divergent groups of the urban and social fabric of Attercliffe. I attempted to encourage an alternative, low key approach to theatre – an attitude that underpins drag cabaret production.


S8 Co_Housing

Heeley has a well founded and dedicated community spirit, composed of multifarious social sects. I attempted to play on this communal spirit to create a co-housing development which looks to form a self sustaining / sufficient organism. It looks to knit into the existing social fabric whilst refocusing the centre of Heeley, creating a real sense of place.