Eddie Alfarra

The cyclists centre

The brief was to design a cyclists centre in Cave dale (in the peak district). The collapsed limestone valley is an attraction for the peak visitors. I wanted to concetrate not only on designing a good building for cyclists, but also to create an experience for all pedestrian passing by the valley, in order to attract them to hire bikes frm the centre. My approach was to eco the natural history of the valley by stretching the buildng between the two sides of the valley and cutting it where pedestrians would pass through the building and experience the activity in a secuential manner, seeing the bikes moved and fixed, and the cyclists gathering around fire after a steamy shower…




Community Theatre

The brief was to design a community theatre in Darnall, which is a deprived area with a high percentage of refugees and asylum seekers. In response to the multicultural character of the neighbourhood and the lack of public engagment between the residents on the main road, i have decided to leave the site (closed street) open to the public (as an open stage) where they can create their own theatrical venue that people can pass through (between the performers) and into the underground theatre that provides a flexible arrangment around the stage where the performers enter the stage from between the audience that circules them, simmilar to street shows..