Dora Paschali

Project P1: Threshold

The brief for P1 required to create a building that would accommodate 10 cavers for when they finish their caving activities and it had to be situated near Giant’s Hole, a near Castleton. I identified the main threshold to be hell and heaven as in the old times the cave was believed to be a pathway to the underworld. In contrast I wanted to create a tower in which every floor would be brighter and warmer thus it will make the cavers feel more relaxed and safe as opposed to being involved in a dangerous adventure in the cave.


Project P2: Theatre

My theatre was inspired by the green scene in Attercliffe. At first I overlooked this scene but when I I observed closer I found all these different places that looked like whimsical forests inspired by fairytale woods. Thus I was intrigued and decided to create a tree-house themed theatre. The children and their parents will enter this whimsical forest of timber posts and toad stools and they will be lead by the central staircase into the upper floor where the cafe and the stage is. While the parents can enjoy their free time, the children can practice their own plays in the little pods that are situated on the top floor and are covered by the undulating shroom roof.