Dongqiao Wen


P1 – Threshold: Cycle hub

Cycling provides exercise for both physical and psychological aspects. Design a cycling hub for cyclist along a special cycling route along the parkwood springs, which is a blurred area between a post industrial and suburb area is essential to follow the path of natural development and offer a appropriate service according to the demand. The whole area is consists of a quite diverse feature through the setting of cycling route. The site was selected on a joint point between a flat drive way and rough slope to the suburb area, in order to play a special set of spatial arrangement to let the cyclist experience the changing of journey and attract people to join into the threshold experience.




P2 – Library

Follow the site visit on Northern quarter of Manchester city center.  The feeling of dilapidated and impetuous emerge from the the street view and city life. Northern quarter is filled with all kinds of entertainment services like bar, club and restaurant etc, however, it is lack of a place to offer a intrinsic peaceful space. The main concept of this library is to provide a library to contain philosophical paper with some special service like meditation chamber and debating area.


P3 – Housing in burngreave

Burngreave is an area situated in the suburb area in Sheffield and undertaken a redevelopment process. Large amount of young people is living in here and starts to transit into another stage in life: establish a family. The housing crisis in UK is becoming more serious than before and increasing pressure on housing demand provide a concept of designing a housing scheme to provide a compact, comfortable and affordable choice to people in need, and to celebrate the truth and ritual of family life.




Dongqiao Wen