Dipali Vassantrai

This project required to design a small scale building in a rural landscape for hikers who wish to admire the green landscape of Castleton in Peak District of Sheffield, also provide spaces that will accommodate restoration after a long walk, allow to reflect from a previous day’s efforts and prepare for the next walk.

Joint project with LAWRENCE  TANG

The proposed dance theatre in Ancoats, Manchester aims to provide memorable and joyful spaces for the existing population that is dominated by young professionals where they could learn new or expand existing dance skills for either leisure or future career.  

The housing scheme intends to deconcentrate the existing anti-social behaviour and celebrate the multicultural demographics of Burngreave, Sheffield by designing a mixed-income housing development which will attract higher-income residents and generate neighbourhood revitalization while attempting to reduce segregation and foster inclusion.  The scheme accommodates six dwellings in total,  a laundry house, a communal courtyard and a public building with several amenities such as a café, a gallery with artist workstation and a language tutoring room.