Dimitar Zhelev

P1 – Cycle hub

Our cycle hub is located in Sheaf Valley Park, between the Sheffield train station and Park Hill. The idea behind the design reflects our childhood memories and what we link cycling with, aside from sport and transportation. Therefore, we aimed to create a cycle hub that resembles a treehouse – something that sparks imagination and embodies the carefree spirit of childhood.


P2 – Board game library

The brief for the second project required designing a library in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The area is famous for its social life and vibrant character, so I decided to link my library with something that would connect with the area and has always been a popular way of getting people together – board games. The idea for the design stems from the popular board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and board game experience in general. In that way, getting through different levels of the building makes the library itself act as a board game.


P3 – Housing project

The housing project is located in Burngreave, Sheffield. It focuses on cohousing and food sharing as a way of forming a community. The scheme has 4 types of housing units, varying in sizes to accommodate different types of families. There is a shared communal kitchen, which is also open to the wider Burngreave community as a part of connecting people, sharing foods from different cultures and learning about healthy eating. The site used to be an unused green area, which after the project was transformed into a terraced green path with allotments for food growth and spaces for recreation.




Additional illustrations

“The life of death”