Diana-Tamara Savin

P1. Observatory





P2. Library


Central Community Library is situated in the hearth of Northern Quarter- Manchester, aiming to reintegrate the desire of traditional learning in the modern days. Through dynamic spaces and irregular shaped spaces, the learning tunnel works as a methaphor ; the route to each destination is filled with information that guide one to the light exit. Arranged on 4 floors the Library incorporated a cafe, a single silent study space, group learning spaces, meetings sectors as well as facilitating verbal teaching. The transparency of the glazed facade is penetrated by the bookshelf corridors to offer the pedestrians a peak hoping to attract and communicate the power of culture, an unified concept between 2 different worlds.




P3. Housing



Situated in Burngreave, one of Sheffield’s most populated area by immigrants, the concept of the scheme starts form the Muslim culture and their needs. It is a response to the need of unity on a small scale with the shared open spaces, and on the larger scale with the Muslim Community Center. A scheme formed of 8 private dwellings responds to the idea of inter-habitation through the openness and large glazed walls meant to have visual communication withe the surrounding context.  All external Spaces work for both: children who desire to play and the disabled. The use of timber structure follows the typical housing pattern with a sustainable approach. The three types aim to shelter families varying between 3 to 6 people.