Diana Rosca

Diana Rosca

2nd year portfolio

K100 – SSoA

          P1 – Threshold               P2 – Theatre                 P3 – Housing



P1 – Threshold – Rivelin Vlaley Bakery

Located in Rivelin Valley, the design had to consider human responses to aroma, warmth, shelter and to the conviviality associated with baking and eating together as well as the patterns described by the movements and processes involved in mixing, forming, raising and baking bread dough.



P2 – Theatre – Darnall

The theatre was once the heart of every community. A place to escape, a place to dream and wonder, a place to fall in love… Located in Darnall, the theatre hopes to bring local people together, day and night, and to revive the sense of community.


 P3 – Housing scheme – Heeley

We were asked to design a housing project to accommodate both families and an additional domestic group. In additional to the housing, some sort of collective or ‘community interface’ facility needed to be included in the scheme.

Contact: diana.rosca@elink.ro