Deepti Nayar


Windy Knoll, The Peak District.

In collaboration with Ella Murrell


This Walkers’ Refuge is located on a popular walking route overlooking Mam Tor in the Peak District. Unique to the site is a nearby cave, which conceptually inspired this design as a place of rest and solitude. The translucent and flexible structure encompasses an organic form almost hidden from plain view, intriguing any passerby in need of a place rest.





Northern Quarter, Manchester.


The Gothic library reinterprets the history of the Northern Quarter. Deriving its concept from Umberto Eco’s ‘The Name of the Rose’, the spaces focus on circulation and mystery. Developing labyrinth attributes, this library seeks those that are inquisitive with a discreet entrance.






Burngreave, Sheffield.


Housing project located in Burngreave, Sheffield. Accommodating refugees in a transitional Co -House, and the diverse ethnic families of Burngreave. Focusing on designing thresholds. Aiming to  bring the community together and also the neighbourhood. Utilising the site as a meeting point and passage.