Dawid Jan Starosta

P1 : Observatory // Higger Tor, Peak District (in collaboration with Olga Zakrzewska)

Astronomical Machine: The Observatory project was conceptualised on the mechanics of sundials. A cluster of buildings revolves around just such a courtyard, where a single shadow celebrates time as means of scientific measurement. The observatory tower peaks over the scheme – its dome being the closest object in sight to the heavens above. Two overnight accommodation rooms, a conference hall, as well as a reception space provide the necessary amenities, but it is the viewing platform, situated on rails to enable year-round alignment with the exact point of sunrise, that honours this daily event as a miraculous spectacle.


P2 : Music Library // Northern Quarter, Manchester

My Taste My Room / Your Taste Our Room : The Music Library set within the historically bohemian Northern Quarter of Manchester acknowledges the area’s rich musical heritage as well as the ghosts of its industrial past. A building split in two by a slice of light, one half is a dedicated café for music enthusiasts – the other a library featuring six rooms dedicated to specific genres, each containing music mediums most closely associated with the genre.


P3 : Housing // Burngreave, Sheffield

Time Is Now : The proposed Housing scheme lies within a residential district of Burngreave, Sheffield. The project aims to inspire and motivate cultural appreciation and knowledge by encouraging cross-residential events – set within a dedicated workshop space – to present, share and pass on traditions and passions. At the core of this initiative lies the idea of embracing the present moment through innate rituals as well as discovered hobbies.