Daniel House



The hatchery we visited at the start of the project held approximately one thousand chickens from 1 week old to fully grown hens. The hatchery sold chickens to people who wanted to use them as pets however also sold some eggs too. The hatchery consisted of an incubator room, small indoor pens for baby chicks, outdoor runs for fully grown chickens, an office, staff room, a learning room and a small shop. Fully grown chickens need a minimum of one metre squared of outdoor space each to be happy, they also love wooded areas. Baby chicks need to be provided with heat lamps to stay warm as their mother is off laying more eggs. I wanted the Hatchery to be a space that could be enjoyed by the community, from 2 year olds to 99 year olds. The scaces are bright, open and fun! The building’s garden contains a chicken run above the pen, children can use this to walk with the chickens and hopefully it will provide a memorable experience.




Lescar Lane Library

Lescar Lane Library is a fun learning space primarily aimed at children and young adults. The Library has a café, full disabled access, a children’s library space with three learning pods, toilets,  an indoor/outdoor slide, a teen and adult library space, a quiet room and access to computers.

The aim of Lescar Lane Library is to reinvent what a Library should be in the twenty-first century. The design was partly inspired by the words of Roald Dahl, ‘books shouldn’t be boring, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful’. These words describe exactly what a Library should be. With this in mind I then found out that colour, visual stimulation, light, physical interaction, and a positive atmosphere have all been scientifically proven to help people learn and engage with literature.

These two sources provided the foundations on which the Lescar Library is designed. It’s a space you would feel happy, excited and comfortable to be in, whether you’re a child or an adult.






 Heeley Housing Project

My housing scheme was founded around bringing students into Heeley and hopefully starting to improve the economy of the village. Along side this there was also an attitude towards space, housing in the Uk lacks space considerably and I wanted my housing to have long and short term storage options for the owner. The housing scheme itself consists of four semi-detached houses, three two-story student apartments, a gym and a cafe. The gym faces the schemes shared green space and the cafe addresses Gleadless road, this creates an inviting elevation for people passing by. Every housing type is designed to have an epic view from the top of the hill where the scheme is located, across Sheffield’s city scape.