Clare Mckay


design for a small caving shelter, in the valley of the ‘giant’s hole’ cave, just outside of castleton, derbyshire.

the shelter is a continuation of the rock that flows from the cave to form rocky outcrops, reflecting the very linear nature of the valley within which it sits. in stark contrast with the world inside the cave – a dark, damp and all together exhilarating experience – the shelter offers warmth, safety, light, and views to the valley beyond. it aims to have as little visual impact on the empty landscape of the valley as possible, creating a safe, secluded haven in a barren landscape, where cavers old and young might gather round the open fire at the heart of the space and share their stories and experiences.



design for a community children’s theatre, in hillsborough, sheffield.

the theatre sits on the bustling high street of hillsborough, presenting an understated facade which gives way to more exciting and stimulating interior spaces, which augment the experience of a trip to the theatre being a journey to another world. designed specifically for children, it involves children in all the processes of a trip to the theatre, framing views, and creating spaces that are enjoyed most from a child’s point of view. the cafe on the ground floor creates a space where the community of hillsborough can meet and spend time together, whilst the auditorium space floats overhead, transporting it’s occupants to another world.


design for a self build housing scheme in woodside, sheffield.