Claire Perry

Project 1 ‘Threshold’

Bike Hire Centre

The rural nature of this project required a sensitive approach to context. The site is nestled into the cliff in the Hope Valley, Castleton. I wanted to make a building which could become a landmark in a largely unbuilt environment; a place known because it stands out in its remote location.

The valley marked the divide between the ‘Dark’ and ‘White’ Peaks of the Peak District and this became integral to the development of the design. I created a building formed of three distinct parts. The rear nestles against the cliff representing the ‘Dark’ Peak. The ‘Pod’ at the front represents the ‘White’ Peak, a building which purposely appears unfamiliar in its environment. The third part signifies the valley floor, connecting the two buildings, a glazed corridor which ramps across the length of the building connecting the spaces at different heights. I wanted the building to touch the ground lightly, so it appears to hover above the bank below.



The Bridge Project

We were tasked to design and build a bridge in groups of architects and enginners to replace the footbridge at Sheffield Station. Our bridge was supposed to hold 8kg (made only from paper, balsa wood and string) … ours didn’t ‘quite’ meet this, but we did win the architectural prize for the design.



Project 2 ‘Perform’

The Spark Theatre – Attercliffe

Attercliffe was the hub for steel production in Sheffield, however by the 1970s it was going into decline. The area suffered greatly as a result, as vast industrial areas were flattened, leaving much of the surroundings derelict. Many of the workers from the factories still live in the area, where working-men’s clubs are still in place, however the families in nearby new developments have very few amenities available to them. The once prosperous area now had a clear divide in the community which resulted in Attercliffe feeling deserted.

My site, on the once busy Attercliffe Road is the ideal position to start regeneration of the town. The building stands out as a beacon for Attercliffe, whilst still relating back to its heritage in the steel industry. The theatre is for use by residents; incorporating flexible spaces which can be used throughout the day for community events, playgroups and meeting areas. The theatre is the ideal development to spark the regeneration of the area and to become the hub of the community.



The Forgotten in the Built Environment

I’ve always had an interest in the forgotten buildings which surround us every day, but usually go unnoticed. I have tried to examine these features in a different way, to show that they can be attractive even if left neglected.