Year 2 Portfolio

Project 1 – Kayak Centre

Tinsley, Sheffield

In collaboration with Josephine Sproson

A kayak centre on the riverbank of River Don at Tinsley, Sheffield.

The proposal aims to serve as a mediator between the urban space and nature. Re-establishing the long-lost connection between human and nature, bringing the visitor through a journey to experience the beauty of nature, enriching the transition from hectic city life to the calm country life.

Project 2 – Library

Ropewalks, Liverpool

An introvert library in Ropewalks, Liverpool.

Juxtaposed by the hectic cityscape, the project aims to evoke a sense of seclusion at the heart of Liverpool, serving as an “urban monastery”, where readers are allowed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The project provides visitors with a space to reflect upon their lives or to submerge themselves in the fictional world.

Project 3 – Housing

Burngreave, Sheffield

A social housing project targeting single-parent and typical families in Burngreave, Sheffield.

The project consists of three typical family houses, five single-parent family houses, a guest house and a community shop.

Making up to 1/4 of the household in Burngreave, single-parent families in the area are often lacking the supports they need. By bringing both the single-parent and typical families together, this project aims to introduce a sense of community among the residents. Providing the residents with a supporting network which can be beneficial to both parties, especially to single-parent families.

(All drawings scaled at A1)

Chun Hei Tse