Christopher Ventom

Walkers’ Refuge

Location: Windy knoll, The Peak District

This Walkers’ Refuge is located on a popular walking route overlooking Mam Tor in the Peak District. Unique to the site is a nearby cave, which conceptually inspired this design as a place of rest and solitude. The translucent and flexible structure encompasses an organic form almost hidden from plain view, intriguing any passerby in need of a resting place. The undulating form, seen both internally and externally is modified in parts on the inside to create seating out of the structure itself.


Location: Manchester’s Northern Quarter

This Music Library, tucked away in a backstreet within Manchester’s Vibrant Northern Quarter is inspired by the rich history of music-making in Manchester. The building is multi-functional providing the space and opportunity for anyone to read, research, listen to, play, practice, and perform music.

Predominantly lit by the large domed glass skylight, the small glazed openings dotted across the facade are designed to give glimpses within to intrigue passers-by or visitors before entering and being enveloped by the space.


Location: Burngreave, Sheffield

This housing project in Burngreaves uses the inclusion of a variety of different dwelling types arranged around a shared courtyard garden to encourage a mixed caring community, with the edition of a cafe/restaurant on the ground floor to create a leisure spot suitable for all ages to draw more people to the area.

The project focuses on housing people who are more vulnerable or in need, with intergenerational apartments for student or young low-income earners, and the elderly or disabled, who can benefit from the low cost of sharing a house, and the help and security of living with someone able-bodied respectively. there is also a row of two-storey dwellings that back directly on to the courtyard intended for single-parent families.