Christopher Darby


2nd Year Portfolio… Sheffield School of Architecture

Project 1…  A Kayak Centre

A Kayak centre situated on the river Don. The scheme is surrounded with woodland positioned close to Hillsborough stadium. The Kayak centre is designed for a small kayaking community therefore only accommodates 8-12 kayaks, alongside a ‘multipurpose’ relaxing/ tea making/ teaching space, changing rooms and toilet facilities. The building is also designed to accommodate dog walkers and nature enthusiasts, it is therefore accessed by bridges/ walkways which capture views up the river Don. Relaxation spaces are positioned along the walkway designed for fishing bird-watching and for kayakers to sit. The building hovers over the river and blends itself into the woodland landscape.

Project 2… A Library For Book Making

A library for bookmaking within the area of Darnall Sheffield. Positioned along the high-street enclosed between two shops within a little close, (22m by 12m). The library consists of (a workshop, café, library/ stack/ Exhibition space, toilets, courtyard area, and reception). The building aims to invite teenagers off of the rough streets of Darnall and teach them how to make books. The books are made in both a professional and creative manor, therefore each reclaimed or new book becomes a unique piece of art to be exhibited within the library. The materiality of the library is red brick to connect to the surrounding buildings, with the addition of stainless steel clad relating to the industrial history of the area.


Project 3… Housing in Heeley

Project 3 explores affordable housing for young families and young couples starting a family. It specially looks into how a house can encourage families to spend more time together.  Studies show that 49 minutes is the amount of time each day the average family spends together, and 60% of children have televisions in there room. I believe that the bedroom should only be a place for sleeping, and that this space shouldn’t be seen as somewhere to lock yourself away in. Communal space in the house is there for a reason and I believe it is extremely important to use these spaces.  I think that if children are not given a bedroom but instead ‘somewhere to sleep’, it would encourage them to spend more time in the family environment. If the house now consists of ‘places to sleep’  then when buying the house the couples are no longer paying for bedrooms and this therefore lowers the price of the house. The community interface on the site is the crèche/ café, so that the couples have a safe nearby environment to drop their children off before heading to work. The café uses the old pub garden which takes in panoramic views across Sheffield and into the peak district.



Personal Studies

I enjoy free-hand sketching, especially life drawing. I like to use a quick rough style to jot down ideas fast. Here is a small selection sketches.