Christiana Giorgas


Daily routine has become a way of life in Darnall. What was once the heart of the area, full of laughter and enjoyment, has now become inactive  with no identity. The locals are cautious with ‘changes’, since the community was demolished after placing betting shops and franchise stores in the centre.

A proposal of a creative theatre space is introduced to remind the locals of their value of community. Adjacent to the old post office, at the heart of the centre, the theatrum is addressing the people who work in Darnall, yet they finish work at noon, lock their stores and drive away. This vicious cycle doesn’t allow people to socialise and that slowly drains the life off the area. People need to get familiar with their next door neighbour.

Theatrum provides a variety of shows to attract all types and ages. The idea is that people will give opportunity to different types of theatre, such as musical, cabaret, bollywood, and this way will get to know the person sitting next to them. It is a place to meet up for a coffee or have a walk through the adjacent park leading to the local library placed behind the theatre. The eerie passageway also allows views of the inside to attract locals walking through.

A balance of new ideas integrated with local materials is an ideal change for the community and the locals who are afraid of change. 






Common opinion tends to associate cemeteries with a forbidden perception.

This project proves this perception fault, since sometimes buildings can become solid blocks of dead planning, in contrast to the cemetery, which is full of life. The vegetation has embraced tombstones and monuments, enforcing the beauty of the cemetery. Nature acts as a veil of life, which creates an ideal space for an apiary.

Bees symbolise the day of judgement and therefore is gracefully placed on the edge of river Porter Brook. Bees have always had a significance since ancient years, connecting them with a notion of power and hard work.

If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live”

This theory proves that bees carry a lot of significance on their shoulders. A copper pavilion is built, symbolising the long lives of the bees, equivalent to the lifespan of copper. The pavilion is raised above ground to allow a hand of vegetation to intensify the contrast of ground and divinity.