Chloe Clacy

Year 2 Portfolio

Within my Second Year at the Sheffield School of Architecture, I have undertaken 3 different and unique projects with varying agendas and manifestos. Throughout the year I have used and tested a variety of different techniques, from hand-drawn sketching and modelling to computer aided design software.



Situated on Higger Tor in the Peak District, Derbyshire

In collaboration with Kyri Mouzouris

The brief for this project was to design an observatory, taking inspiration from the panoramic views and surrounding rocky terrain of Higger Tor. Our initial response from the first site visit was the bare rugged topography, inspiring us to look back at the earliest recorded working telescope, ‘stripped bare’ of technology. From this, we wanted to provide visitors a more ‘organic’ star gazing experience where visitors mechanically operate a series of telescopes without the aid of technology. On our second visit we noticed the large abundance of flowering heather pods growing on Higger Tor and this influenced the shape of the observing pods housing the telescopes.



Situated with the Northern Quarter of Manchester

The surrounding area boasts a rich history and culture- the niche shops established in the area and the individuality encourages a large range of theatres to be represented. The concept of my theatre is based on a fringe festival- different types of performances from drama and dance, to comedy and music are played at similar times all under one roof. Festivals allow you to connect with new kindred spirits or experience collective effervescence with close friends, through cultural curiosity.  These ‘pockets’ of  performance can be seen from different floors from inside the theatre, as well as from outside the theatre through glass extrusions. Each performance space is designed individually for each different theatre type.


Situated within Burngreave, Sheffield

The brief for this project was to design a housing scheme incorporating a communal shared facility and based around a suitable demographic. My scheme was focusing on the large Roma and Pakistani households established within the Burngreave community. Through visiting the site at different times, it was clear it was used as a public route to nearby forests and play-areas, therefore community and public spaces became a large part of my scheme. I achieved this by designing a public stairway through the site allowing the residents to engage with one-another, as well as a community centre hosting English lessons and providing childcare.  Another key theme was flexibility- the moving walls and open plan living allows for expanding families to increase their housing size, as well as testing public and private thresholds.