Chinching Siu, Ginny


P1 Threshold

 A Cavers Lookout

Peak Cavern
Joint Project with Stephanie Ma 

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir

The Brief – A Threshold
The brief was to design a small building in the landscape that accommodated cavers during their excursions into the Cave – Peak Cavern.
Peak Cavern is located in Castleton, Derbyshire.
  And remains to have one of the largest mouth openings in Britain. The area being surrounded by the majestic greenery and poetic landscape seemed somewhat out of this world. By connecting the experience of the surroundings to human activity we hope to create a building that is more than just a threshold, but a catalyst to the earth.



P2 Library


 The Art Library

Northern Quarter

“Reading is an art form, and every man can be an artist.” Edwin Louis Cole

The Brief – A Library
The brief was to design a Library in an alternative, artistic and fun area called Northern Quater in Manchester.
The Art Library being funded by the Art Council nearby wishes to provide Northern Quarter with an entrance, a conversation, a portal from the busy Shudehill into the chic area. It welcomes everyone from the professional to the general public, with activities that would incite people from near and far. 




P3 Housing

 Family Housing
(Housing for Single Parents and Families)


“Education, housing, and hospitals are the most important things for society.” Zaha Hadid

The Brief – Housing for families
The brief was to design a Housing Scheme in Burngreave, Sheffield. Burngreave having a greater average of single parents than the rest of Sheffield and the UK made it a factor of concern. This design addresses the needs of both the single parents and families. Aiming to create an oasis and a brand new start for the neglected children, mothers and fathers, with the encouragement and help of their neighbors, creating a self sustainable community.