Charlotte Staton

 P1 Thresholds – Walkers’ Refuge

In collaboration with Eleanor Wells

A public shelter that accommodates rest and restoration after a long walk; providing refuge from the elements and a place to appreciate your surroundings and achievement that day. Centred around an exposed Hawthorn Tree, the shelter also aims to provide protection to replenish the tree back to its full health. The refuge sits lightly on the land and is designed to have as little impact on the environment from cradle to grave.




A small public library in the rapidly developing area of Ancoats, Manchester. This is a fascinating site, previously known as the ‘heart of the Industrial Revolution’, it has since been recognised for its close proximity to the city centre and is undergoing substantial regeneration and gentrification. However, with this has come some tension; with more and more families moving into Ancoats, some of the original residents are starting feeling pushed out (old routes are blocked by new buildings and house prices are increasing).

‘The All Stories Library’ provides Ancoats with the much needed link between young and old and endeavours to create a focal point through which the people of Ancoats can cross.

The library has four main components; a cafe, library, kids library, and performance space. It aims to encourage discussion, creativity, and the sharing of knowledge across the age groups.



A housing development located in Burngreave, a district located North of Sheffield city centre. This area has a rich cultural diversity, however it also has a greater incidence of unemployment and crime than the rest of Sheffield.

Currently, children who go through the care system are at higher risk of mental health issues, unemployment, teen pregnancy and crime. I therefore decided to design a housing scheme which  proposed an alternative model for foster care in the UK; where foster families live together as a community and are surrounded by people with similar experiences and needs. The scheme links together eight homes for fostering, five ‘transitional’ flats for youths aged 18+, and a central ‘hub’ to engage with the wider community. Similar schemes have already been successfully tested in the US, for example the ‘Bridge Meadows’ community.

“Stronger together” summaries the scheme; carers are able to support each other and receive more training and guidance through the Hub, and children gain a wider support network which remains after they leave foster care.